RAMM and University of Exeter, REACT HEIF Project

This project aims to utilise research on user engagement, location and Victorian collections through an interactive website. Using data and images from RAMM’s collections, objects will be digitally placed back in their ‘original’ location on Dartmoor.

To encourage exploration and learning, a game using the Hems collection of wood carvings from medieval churches will ask players to link images of the collection to locations within churches in Dartmoor. The learning outcomes are critical viewing and matching of objects to similar in situ pieces with decision-making based on how exact a match is. The game will entail an element that will teach players how to read a church.

A map will be used to link to objects near to the user’s location using smart phone’s GPS. It will also show locations when viewed as a website. Working with variable signal strength on Dartmoor will offer us insights into extending the digital economy to rural settings.

If you wish to discuss this project please contact:

Prof. Gabriella Giannachi, Department of English, College of Humanities, Exeter University, UK: g.giannachi@exeter.ac.uk

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