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At the end of last month the project team went off to Mortenhampstead to meet representatives from community groups on Dartmoor. The event was at Green Hill Arts in Mortenhampstead, just by the church appropriately enough! It was a good venue and we felt very welcome.

Green Hill Arts

Green Hill Arts, Mortenhampstead

Thomas Cadbury and Penny Hammond, RAMM’s Curator of Antiquities and Community engagement Officer respectively, started the day with introductions and the background to the project. The connecting museum collections to locations and communities provoked much interest.

Unfortunately the next part of the day did not go as planned. When Rick Lawrence, RAMM’s Digital Media Officer, went to present the website we hit a problem. No Internet access due to a fault on the BT line! We tried the wifi but it didn’t reach the meeting room. Staff at Green Hill Arts tried to help but to no avail. Using a mobile and Internet via 3G didn’t work either. It certainly gave us an insight into the challenge of mobile data on Dartmoor!

We used some development graphics to walk our guests through the website and despite being slightly out of date all was fairly clear! Andy Chapman, from 1010 Media, gave an overview of the Church Detective game next.

Website demo

Website demo

A full discussion followed and we felt by the end of the day we had all made some mutually useful new contacts.