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The Moor Stories project is progressing apace! One of our recent tasks has been to create some videos to support and explain the project. Hopefully these films will make visiting the website an engaging experience, and provide some useful background information on Moor Stories, the signficance of Harry Hems, and what we are trying to do with the project.

We are working with a freelancer, Rouben Freeman, to create these films. Last week we went to the Harry Hems Centre to interview Alun and Lisa Sands. Gabriella has blogged about her visit in a previous post , but this was my first time. What an amazing place! Alun and Lisa were wonderful guides, and really brought the spirit of Harry Hems and his workshop alive. I feel like I’ve got a better understanding of his character from standing in his office – this man who was both irascible and generous – and I’m excited about discovering the Moor Stories others will create following their encounters with Hems and his collection.

As for the filming, it all went pretty smoothly! Here are a couple of behind the scenes photos so you can see how we got on:



We interviewed both Alun and Lisa about the centre, how they came to discover the link to Harry Hems and their favourite Hems anecdotes! Now it’s over to Rouben to do some editing – hopefully it won’t be long before we can give you a taste of the finished film!